Ceramic coating

Experience XPEL Fusion, the technology that’s designed to form a crystal layer which will make conventional car waxes and sealants obsolete. Its high strength and condensed nanoparticles with superior cross linking abilities create a durable and super high gloss finish. With the hydrophobic properties that XPEL Fusion possesses, any weathering will simply bead up and fall off.

XPEL Fusion

XPEL Fusion ™ bonds at the molecular level to seal and protect surfaces from environmental contaminants, harmful UV rays, and insect acids. XPEL Fusion also provides resistance to light scratches and fading. Its hydrophobic properties repel dirt and liquids, making surfaces easier to clean.

Developed to perform in a wide variety of surface types, XPEL Fusion Ceramic Coating offers unrivaled gloss, superior hydrophobic protection, and improved scratch resistance with a single application

unrivaled gloss
superior hydrophobic protection
improved scratch resistance

Exclusive and fully certified

XPEL is the most exclusive automotive surface protection manufacturer in the world and is only available to select wrappers. Elevate your vehicle’s appearance and protection to a whole new level with our cutting-edge ceramic coating. Designed to create an impenetrable shield, XPEL Fusion ensures that your car stays glossy and immaculate year-round. Say goodbye to waxing and hello to long-lasting brilliance. This advanced coating not only provides unmatched UV resistance but also repels dirt, water, and contaminants effortlessly. The result? A car that looks like it just rolled out of the showroom, maintaining its sleek finish and reducing the impact of everyday wear and tear. Discover the future of car care with our ceramic coating – the ultimate fusion of beauty and durability for your prized possession.

Paint Protection Film VS Ceramic Coating

In a market saturated with nano ceramic coating installers, it has become difficult for consumers to find the “right” installation facility for their vehicle. Here is a chart to help you out:

paint protection film

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